National Crisis vs Heroic Nation

 The course of history is never smooth. It is sometimes beset with difficulties and obstacles and nothing short of a heroic spirit can help surmount them.

A mighty long river sometimes flows through a broad section with plains lying boundless on either side, its waters rolling on non-stop for thousands upon thousands of miles. Sometimes it comes up against a narrow section flanked by high mountains and steep cliffs, winding through a course with many a perilous twist and turn. A nation, in the course of its development, fares likewise.

The historical course of man's life is just like a journey. A traveller on a long journery passes through now a broad, levvel plain, now a rugged, hazardous road. While a determined traveller cheerfully continues his journey upon reaching a safe and smooth place, he finds it still more fascinating to come to a rugged place, the enormously magnificent spectacle of which, he feels, it better able to generate in him a wonderful sensation of adventure.

The Chinese nation is now confronted with a rugged and dangerouus section of its historical course. Nevertheless, there is also in his section a spectacle of enormous magnificence that inspires in us passers-by a delightful sensation of splendor. And this delightful sensation, however, can only be shared by those with a heroic spirit.

The Yangtse River and the Yellow River are both symbolic of our national spirit. The two mighhty rivers negotiate deserts and gorges unitl their turbid torrents surge forward with irresistible force.The present national crisis can never obstruct the advance of our national life. Let us brace up our spirits and march through this rugged, dangerous road to the tune of our solemn, stirring songs. The greatest joy of life, mind you, is to build up our country during its most difficult days.

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