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Kogo's Joseki Dictionary
Var 1: 3-3
Var 2: 3-4
Var 3: 4-4
Var 4: 5-3
Var 5: 5-4
Var 6: 6-3
Var 7: 6-4
Var 8: 5-5

Choosing a joseki:
Since josekis work effectively in a certain direction, examine positions at adjacent corners and sides before choosing a joseki. The opposite corner matters only if a ladder is involved. Some guidelines:
1. Have support for a fight - A high position provides support, a low position does not.
2. Take the side with most value -
2a. A juncture point for both sides is of great value.
2b. A side where making territory is uncertain is of little value.
3. Consider strategic balance.

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