4-4 point 3-3 invasion joseki

Go/Weiqi/Baduk hoshi sansan joseki

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The 4-4 Point 3-3 invasion is a common and popular joseki ever since the AI revolution. It is a basic move that is played at all skill levels, and it emphasizes territory at the expense of influence. The 3-3 point is the vital point of the corner, and it is easy for the invader to live underneath with a corner territory worth ~10 points.

Some go teachers discourage beginners from invading immediately. Prior to 2016, the early 3-3 invasion was considered a bad move, since the defender was believed to gain more influence on the outside than the tangible value of the corner. However, strong AI programs disagree and have revealed new joseki that make the early 3-3 invasion more favorable. Furthermore, strong AI programs have a territorial playing style that compliments strong invasion and reduction skills in the middle game.

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