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We start with China's new energy vehicle market which continue to gain traction in September

thanks to a series of supporting policies to boost consumption and rising demand for new domestic products

last month over 700,000 new energy cars were sold, up nearly 94% from year ago

accounting for a market share of 27 percent

pure electric vehicles continue to be the main stay of the market

during the first 9 months of the year clean energy vehicle sales double to 4.6 million units

at the same time overseas demand for Chinese NEVs saw steady growth

exports more than double to 390 000 units in the first 3 quarters of the year

from artificial intelligence to autonomous vehicles

technology that might have seemed obstructed just some years ago

is to some extend already reshaping our lives

not least in the Gulf where oil-producing nations are pumping billions of dollars into developing smart cities

and increasingly enlisting the help of Chinese partners along the way

Jim stemmon has more from Dubai

with some 5000 companies from 90 countries spread across 2,000,000 square feet in downtown Dubai

it's easy to see why organizers have held this, the world's biggest tech show

and we're seeing that again very clearly at GITEX with

the Chinese technology innovation that's happening

and the UAE really receiving that without the sort of US concerns and mind

Chinese firms on the ground include ict giant Huawei

and of course Bytedance, the company behind TikTok

but also smaller players like this one

and this is also the new product in UAE

this one can also surpport the smart Wi fi

and we are looking for some local partners in tcc to expand the business

and it's easy to see why Chinese companies are so keen on the Gulf

Saudi Arabia, according to the international data corporation

is expected to spend over 32.9 billion dollars on ict this year

while the UAE plans  to introduce driverless vehicles in the years ahead

now we are here on the sidelines of GITEX in Dubai

where we're about to witness the first public flight of a unique Chinese aircraft

the opening of GITEX saw what's built as a world first

the takeoff of Chinese built xpang x ii

a 5th generation unmanned so called flying car

it doesn't produce any carbon dioxide while in the air

and has the ability to travel up to 130km per hour

making it perhaps an ideal transport for cities of the future

AI face recognition and also for the auto driving

a lot of Chinese company they are exploring here

and they have advantage

silicon valley and the us, generally speaking, 

has dominated when it comes to technology

is it healthy that the United States is receiving

competition from other countries China included

just go to Saudi now and you can talk to some of these major family conglomerates

the contracts that they end up securing

they're not in the west

they're in Asia in China because us technology innovation just isn't there yet

isn't able to scale at the same way at the cost that China can

and we see that the us is really trying to catch up now in a lot of ways

now these efforts include a possible big win for US president biden's recent trip to Saudi Arabia

resulting in a deal to test out US technology for 5G in the kingdom

as it stands

China is still dominated in the region for 5g and

what we imagine is going to be 6G as well

and that is a reality that at least for now seems to be placing China ahead of silicon valley

Jim stenman CGTN Dubai

China is working its way up the global innovation ladder

with its ranking rising to 11th in the 2022 global innovation index

that is according to the latest rankings fromnthe world intellectual property organization or WIPO 

a decade ago the country was ranked 34th

China is also one of the global leaders in terms of the spending on research and development

China now has the same number of science and technology clusters as the US

specifically 2 of the world's 5 biggest clusters are located in China

the Shenzhen Hong Kong Guangzhou cluster is ranked second in a world 

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