Go for Beginners: 1.What is Qi?

 Qi:life forcevitalitybreath

In Go, qi (氣) is a concept that refers to the life force of a stone. A stone with qi is alive, while a stone without qi is dead and can be captured.

Qi is calculated by counting the number of empty intersections that are directly connected to a stone. A stone with four qi is alive, a stone with three qi is alive but may be captured, and a stone with two qi or fewer is dead.

Qi can be shared between groups of stones. For example, if two black stones are connected to each other, they share their qi.

Qi is a fundamental concept in Go. It is essential for understanding how stones live and die, and how to capture stones.

  • 气 is a Chinese word that can be translated as "air" or "breath." In Go, it is often interpreted as a spiritual or metaphysical concept.
  • Qi is not a physical object. It is simply a way of counting the number of empty intersections that are connected to a stone.
  • Qi is a dynamic concept. It can change over time as stones are placed on the board.
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