[AI Joseki #1 ] 3-4 point 5-4 approach, two-space high pincer

Go/Weiqi/Baduk AI joseki

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The 5-4 approach move has become more popular in modern times, as modern Go emphasizes speed and influence.

Black responds at 'a' to 'j', or plays elsewhere.
Black k is slow.

k11, j10, i9, h8, g7, f6, e5, d4, c3, b2, a1

a1, b2 - Black right; White top
c3 - Black corner & right; (small, large) Avalanche
d4, e5 - Black choice
f6 - Black choice; Magic Sword of Muramasa
g7, h8 - Black right; White top
i9 - Black corner & right; White top
j10 - Black corner & sente; White top
k11 - various

Black 3 is a relatively modern invention. It is a severe move which restricts White's movements. Some hair-raising variations are possible with c3, hence the nickname "the magic sword of Muramasa".

White responds with 'a' to 'c' (joseki). White 'd' is unfavorable with this pincer, as the pincer is in the way of White's extension. Var 5 ('e') shows White playing elsewhere (which is rare). White 'f' is no longer joseki, as Black cuts White regardless of the ladder.

f6, e5, d4, c3, b2, a1

joseki outcomes:
a1 - Black right, White top
b2 - Black choice of right or top
c3 - Black choice or right or top
d4 - Black right

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