Rules of Go/Weiqi/Baduk

first one this is the part one the pretty much 

this is what the goal board

looks like and we have a two players 

one player with black stones and a one player with white stones 

and the goal board consists of 19 horizontal lines

and 19 vertical lines with 361 intersection points on the board 

and black goes first,white goes next 

so every stones it has to be played on the intersection points

it can't be in the square or on the line

so it has to be on the intersection points 

it takes turns to put down the stones on the board 

once you play the move on the board 

you can never take it back or remove,it it's there permanently

so you have to think before you play

once you put it ,you there's no regrets

okay so then what's how do win the game

was to ultimate go for this game and

this game in China it's called the Weiqi

and it was originated from China 4000 years ago 

and a lot of people say

this is pretty much like our human lives

and the character of way means the surrounding 

so this game is pretty much like a surrounding game 

so the first example is once you surround one area on the board 

any area on the board

all of the surrounded area it's your

it's your territory 

and every intersection point is your score 

we call it point 

so now how many point does black have 

one two three four five

and we have a 3 here 3 times 5 as a 15

so at the end of the game whoever surround the most territory wins the game

I'd say it weights around this corner

and white only gets night point and like

what I mentioned earlier at the end of the game we're going to cut all of your

points as your territory who have

whoever has the most wins 

so this game is also called a surrounding game 

and I

have mentioned that a lot of people said

this game is like our human lives 

so we

need to and pretty much everything every

planet every animal needs to have air to


so every stone on the board also

has an air and we call this liberty 


if you put the one stone on the board

this still has a 4 liberties 

sometimes I like to call it air the once the air 

all of the ears are blocked by black and 

this stone is dead is it captured

 so how about this move we have a special name

of this move 

the move of the floor you capture

 if white ignored this myth

you're gonna capture it next so this

move is it called Atari move

 the move the for capture it's called Atari so

once you see Atari move you have to be


because you have to play one

more stone to save that stone

 so after you played here now you have a 1 2 & 3


so then it's impossible for

for black to capture now

 how about I'll

have a two white stones on the board

then how many Liberty does white have 

ok let's try it so we have to block here 

and here here and here and here and here 

so two

white stones have a six liberties 


about the dagger no directions are there

the liberties 

do we need to play these

four moves to capture two whites

 the answer is no 

because the liberties 

is like a similar like the road for the stone to escape 

so let's say if I don't

block here 

if white plays here wait take

wait it skipped from this direction 

but if I block here even though I can play

here but there's no Road here to connect

these two stones so then these four

diagonal directions or these four

diagonal moves are nada liberties 

how about I have a three stones on the board

three white stones on the board how many

Liberty does what have nah we have the

block here and here and here here all

the way we have to completely block

white and take or capture these three



so these three white stones have

eight liberties and there's one more

important thing for it to remember once

you block the last air or the Liberty

you have to remember to take them and

remove them from the board and keep them

on your side never return the stones to

your opponent because at the end of the

game not only we're going to count how

much territory you have plus how many

stones you capture so whoever has the

most in total wins okay so when we have

a three stones on the board straight

there are eight liberties how about I

have three stones our bend is this still

eight to answer is no even there they

have the same amount of stones on the

board but they have a different amount

of liberties because let's try it

so I have the block here since the

along here and here and here and over

here here here and here and how many

black stones I use I've used 1 2 3 4 5 6

7 so in conclusion these been three

white stone only have a 7 liberties not

4 liberties we talked about earlier it's

because these two stones share the one

Liberty at the same time so that's why

this shape has one less Liberty than

this shape ok then now I have a question

for you since black plays first and

white play next so which color do you

like better

probably everyone likes to play black

because black goes first the black has

an advantage and so we have a special

rule for that and at the end of the game

after we cut all of the lip all of the

territory black and white and then we

had to either subtract two seven and a

half points from Black's territory or at

seven and a half points to White's


that's called a KO me because black goes

first black has an advantage to start

the game but at the end in order to be

fair white has to add seven and a half

points or subtract a seven and a half

points from from black okay so in go is

unlike other four games other board

games every piece have a certain way to

go but in go game every piece every

stone it's equal to before you put down

on the board so you can basically can

start anywhere you want but how about

you start on the first line is it smart

think this is the edge of the board

that's the last line on the board in

order to not be captured if we start on

the first line we only have three

liberties if we start from the corner we

only have the two liberties

if we start from the second line about

second line let's say star from fourth

line then this cell has it for liberties

so where do we start

and you got the answer already of course

we never start from the first line and

also that lines called a deadline

because that's very easy for your

opponent to capture you so remember we

never never start from the first line

okay so as I mentioned that earlier you

can start anywhere you want but there's

only one area you can never play

that's called illegal point once a stone

is captured or the space without any

Liberty left that spot is called an

illegal point because once black plays

here there's no more Liberty left that

means the stone dies automatically so

then that spot is called illegal point

then how about this move is this an

illegal point the answer is no that's

not a legal point because after white

black plays here there's still one more

Liberty left so once you have an error

where Liberty on the board you're

allowed to play there but this is

definitely not a smart move because

after you go here what will capture that

move but still that's not an illegal

move you can still play okay so after

black plays here and what play ignored

that move and the question is now it's

the next movie a legal illegal point or

not a legal point the answer is that's

illegal point because after black goes

here there's no more air left all of the

heirs or the liberties are already

blocked by white so that spot is a legal

point okay

and black stays ok so since this is a

legal point I cannot play there how

about I'm gonna spend use a couple moves

on outside and then is this a still

illegal point for black

or not illegal point maybe it looks very

confusing so the answer is this is a not

illegal point why because let's look at

white shape over here these two white

stones only have one Liberty left so

once you block the last Liberty what's

gonna happen to that stone you're gonna

capture it so it means this is not an

illegal point anymore instead this is a

capture move

so once the space where the spot is a it

becomes to a capture move the illegal

point it's no longer illegal because you

can capture your opponent's stones and

the last important thing is once your

capture your opponent's stones please

remember to take the stones before your

opponent played the next move down

because it happens to a lot of my

students game so black played here and

black forgot to take these two stones

and after a few rounds and then when

they look back this situation nobody

knows who captures first because blacks

also don't have any Liberty left so

remember once you capture you have to

remove the stones first okay that's

pretty much about our first part of

introduction of the go health hope you

all like it

and don't go away we're gonna start the

part two next

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