A Singer Who Always Wins

 Wang Meng

Once a singer finished her performance without receiving any applause from the audience. Afterwards she remarked at a meeting, “What does applause mean? Is it beauty, art, or gold? How much is it worth after all? Once one gets some applause, one’s head will swell. And one will be treated like a star, given free plane trips and invited to have one’s voice recorded everywhere. It’s ridiculous! It is nothing but corruption of the mind! Believe it or not, if I had swayed my hips and sung obscene songs, I would’ve got more applause than the stars.”

Then the singer came up with a suggestion that the audience should be investigated, analysed, and classified in order to prove their applause being worthless or even worse for its negative effects.

Later, she gave another performance which won thunderous applause from the audience. She spoke at another meeting, “Songs are to be appreciated by the audience. What’s the use of songs with good content and nice melody if no one likes them? The audience is the best judge who knows how to strike a balance in the heart. Without the masses’ appreciation, one will only be serving the few instead of many. And one will be taking the wrong direction by keeping aloof from the masses and indulging in self-admiration. What I heard from the audience was not only warm applause, but the beatings of their warm hearts!”

Some time later, members of the musical circles held a symposium and suggested that an unhealthy tendency should be stopped in singing performances, that appreciation levels be raised and good taste be cultivated. The singer then cited her first performance that had drawn no applause from the audience and claimed,

“See, I dared it! The unhealthy tendency! I dared it indeed!”

After a period of time, there was another symposium among the musical circles. This time it was proposed that more popular songs be composed and sung. And the singer took her second performance as an example to prove her claim,

“See, I did it! The popular songs! I did it indeed!”

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