Helping Each Other

 Wang Meng 

Mr. L. had been a member of the literary circles for years without attracting any public attention. He felt rather deserted, and so he managed through various personal connections to invite Mr. J., a famous literary critic, to an elaborate dinner besides presenting him with expensive gifts. Mr. J. was quite moved by Mr. L.’s hospitality and promised right away, "It's not fair that you have been so ignored! I must write an article for a key newspaper to recommend your works. The merits of your works are... 

Mr. L. hastily cut in, shaking his head and waving his hands," No! No! I only beg you to write a very severe criticism against me. From my years of experience, I have come to the conclusion that all articles you criticize mill become popular not only in our country but also in the world. Meanwhile, you gain greater fame and interests through your criticism. Ibis is indeed `extremes meet' and hill only end up with mutual help and benefit!"  

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